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Best Conditioner and Shampoo set for soft hair?

I have wavy hair and I want it to be soft. Can you suggest a good conditioner/shampoo possibly without sodium lauryl sulphate?????

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!Best Conditioner and Shampoo set for soft hair?
Aveda Sap Moss shampoo and detangler. Light moisture, leaves hair soft and light. Also adds shine! www.aveda.comBest Conditioner and Shampoo set for soft hair?
I ALWAYS use Pantene Pro-V-Blonde expressions (cuz im naturally light blonde) but if youre any other haircolor,try midnight,red,or brunette expressions with shampoo and conditionare and if you like,other products Report Abuse

this stuff is great..........

Sally Hershberger Shampoo and Conditioner

hope this helps........
Suave...I use it and my hair is great. I also like Garnier Fructis.
herbal essances smooth %26amp; silky shampoo and conditioner......i got big bottles of it at target for $3 each!!
I use this line called B- balanced by Benniefactor. The stuff is amazing!!!!! Not sure if it has sodium lauryl sulphate though!
For me, I use Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner. It works really well, you can have soft and sleek and shiny hair, and on top of that it leaves your hair smelling great. I always get compliments on how my hair look and smell and etc. try it outt.
I use tresemme and i think it works wonder for any hair type. it doesn't leave your hair feeling all plastic-y like pantene does.
Redken All Soft is excellent for this, but if your hair is oily - even a little bit - use Redken Clear Moisture, which is lighter.

And never, EVER, should you use Pantene!!! The PH is so high it damages your hair to the point of breakage, and leaves a coat of waxy stuff (that's what makes your hair ';appear'; healthy) on it that builds up with every use and eventually weighs the hair down. You'll have to have clarifying treatments to get that stuff out!
i have wavy hair too and i have tried lots of things. the thing that worked best for me was pantene hydrating curls.
Try Big%26amp;Sexy's shampoo and conditioner. It'll leave your hair smelling good and soft.
herbal essences long term relationship

Shampoo/conditioner to get silky, smooth, healthy looking hair?

please give me inexpensive ones that can be bought at cvs walmart etc. (:Shampoo/conditioner to get silky, smooth, healthy looking hair?
you can use baby shampoo...yes it works and the conditioner of garner fructis. or you can the use also you can use

Shampoo/conditioner to get silky, smooth, healthy looking hair?
My personal experiences are best with Sunsilk, but Garnier Fructis and Herbal Essences work pretty well too.
sunsilk works really good.
Most of my friends like pantene(:

Personally I like sunsilk straight to perfection or Herbal essences none of your frizzness. :)
sunsilk worked okay for me.

but the one that i like most ( i have really needy hair and have tried mulitiple brands) is garnier fructis sleek and shine.

its pretty cheap ( 4 $ a pop or less)

and i felt that its the only shampoo that truely made my hair nice and smooth.

also john frieda ( a bit more expensive) frizz-ease serum works really well!!

happy hair :D
pantene smooth and silky, works great!

Good hair products(shampoo,conditioner,l鈥?in lotion etc)for flyaway,frizzy and wavy shoulder length hair.?

I am an Asian and have black coarse naturally wavy hair that's one length cut at shoulder length. It is a bit thick and tends to have nicer wavy when it's wet after washing my hair. After my hair dries naturally, it has loose messy waves that is very frizzy and tends to flyaway. The strands of my hair will stick out that makes it looks very messy as if I didn't comb my hair. Is there any brand of shampoo and conditioner that will combat the frizz and make my waves nicer while moisturising my hair at the same time? Hopefully the brands can be found easily in supermarket and drug store(eg. Pantene, Sun Silk, Loreal,Charles Worthington etc).I live in Singapore where the climate is hot and humid all year round. I do not colour my hair and hope that I can achieve nice natural waves without using any heat products. Besides shampoo and conditioner, is there any other hair products you love? Thank you for taking your time to help me!Good hair products(shampoo,conditioner,l鈥?in lotion etc)for flyaway,frizzy and wavy shoulder length hair.?
No shampoo or conditioner can help you only good old fashioned jizism.Good hair products(shampoo,conditioner,l鈥?in lotion etc)for flyaway,frizzy and wavy shoulder length hair.?
i know that kind of problems since opening until i closed the salon, Ive been working in salon for more than a year, i actually know that problem since my sister also have that kind of hair. why dont you try Schwarzkopf product, you try their total repair treatment it nicer on hair to make your hair soft and healthy then you can use their moisture kick conditioner, its a leave in styles in a convenient bottle which you can carry it anywhere since you said that you live in country where he weather is hot. so you can spray it anytime of the day.

and about your hair styles dint just thinned around, their are style that compliment waxy hair, ask some stylist about it.

and setting up your hair, used some curler and some styling product that can tamed your hair. try some cream based product

i know you can do it girl..
I would thin out the inner hair next time you go to get a haircut and then apply frizz ease by john frieda! great product , have been using it for yrs. That way, when you blow dry your hair, people won't even notice inside the hair , just the top layer and youcut your style time down a lot.
The absolute best is the new brand called Organix. It has organic active ingredients and is sulfate free so it wont dry out your hair, smells awesome! Organix has different collections for different hair types which are all amazing! You can get Organix at Target, Albertsons, Kroger, Bed Bath %26amp; Beyond, Duane Reade, Safeway, and select Wal-Mart and CVS. Its the best! You'll love it!!!
Don't wash your hair every day. Wash it every other day. Don't use shampoo anymore. You can wash your hair with conditioner or check out Wen Cleansing Conditioner - great stuff: (I don't know if they ship to Singapore).

Use a good styling product and put it in your hair when it is wet and let your hair air dry. Or you can, after you put in the styling product, wait until your hair is about 90% dry, then wrap it in a bun and leave it for about 30 minutes until it is fully dry. Take it out and you should have beautiful, gentle waves.
I had the same problem and found the solution really cheap! Herbal essences ';break's over'; shampoo and conditioner worked wonders. Stopped the frizz and flyaways, and it has like silk proteins and pearl complex to hydrate the hair and make it look shiny and gorgeous! Give it a try!

Is using Dove shampoo/conditioner a good choice?

Just asking, 'cause people here say not to use hair products from drugstores.

What are some good brands that will shine dull hair and make it healthy?Is using Dove shampoo/conditioner a good choice?
well, I would thinkg so. I mean if they're soaps and other products are good, and full of moisturisers, y not their shampoo%26amp;conditioners.

Panteene ProV is a good brand, Optimum is the best for soft, shiny hair.Is using Dove shampoo/conditioner a good choice?
It makes your hair seem weightless.

Visit my blog.
I actaully use Dove shampoo and conditioner. I like it its' gentile. I find it makes my hair flat though, and I have really puffy hair. I dont know if you would mind that part. And it is pretty inexpensive.

I guess I would suggest it, it isn't the best I tried. I like Outragous (made by Revlon) It smells like perfume.
I personally love just about everything Dove makes, including hair care. My hair always feels healthy when I use it. Like all shampoos and conditioners though, you have to switch out once in a while or you get build-up.

I also use Doves deoderant, cleansing face cloths, etc...Dove rocks, haha
It all comes down to your personal preference.... You'll get people who say they like it and those who don't... What one person likes somebody else may hate... perhaps it's too soft of a smell for one person, or as somebody else said, it makes their hair flat...

My husbands mother bought me one of the Dove kits for Christmas because it was supporting something (forget what but she buys things that support women because she's a breast cancer survivor) and I personally like it. I like the soft feel of my hair after, I like the smell as well... I like all the products I've tried from Dove...the only thing I think I haven't tried is the deodorant.

Whats the best shampoo/conditioner for a guy with long, thick, curly hair?

you want a shampoo and conditioner that is moisturizing or says it may have avacado oil or . curly hair is naturally dry in texture, so a heavy moisturizing routine will help to defizz also. if using salon brand redken allsoft is fabulous. if using over the counter ie walmart cvs eckerd ect try dove moisturizing or tresemee . stay away from garnier and herbal essenceWhats the best shampoo/conditioner for a guy with long, thick, curly hair?
mix up suave for men shampoo/conditioner and axe shampoo/conditioner together. Rinse out like you would any other time. I have curly hair (as you see in my avatar), and it works for meWhats the best shampoo/conditioner for a guy with long, thick, curly hair?
Go to a salon and buy any matrix or redken products. Those are all I ever use on y long hair.

Ladies - what's your favourite hair shampoo & conditioner at the mo?

Pantene Pro V Volume Shampoo and Conditioner =)Ladies - what's your favourite hair shampoo %26amp; conditioner at the mo?
It's currently a tie between L'Oreal EverPure Smoothing shampoo and conditioner, and Ojon Ultra-Hydrating shampoo and conditioner.Ladies - what's your favourite hair shampoo %26amp; conditioner at the mo?
My hair gets kinda greasy at the roots, so i use tresemme deep cleansing shampoo

And i straighten my hair alot, so i use tresemme salon silk conditioner to restore moisture :)
well i use pantene pro v but it depends on what type of hair you have and what u want the shampoo and conditioner to do.
Pureology hydrate, it makes my hair super soft and shiny and best of all it is all organic ingredients - no SLS in my eyes :-)
Bumble %26amp; Bumble Creme de Coco Shampoo %26amp; Conditioner
TIGI - get it from a good salon, keeps your hair soft and silky, well worth the money, and smells like bubblegum mmmmm
Herbal Essences!!! :-)
The Body Shop Bilberry Colour Protect. Love it!
pantent pro v
RPR brighten my blonde.
at the moment i use vo5 volume boost
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  • Ever had a Shampoo/ Conditioner Bottle Fall on Your Foot in the Shower?

    Is it just my family and I or are we the only ones that constantly have our toes beat-up in the shower by the shampoo, conditioner and body soap bottles???Ever had a Shampoo/ Conditioner Bottle Fall on Your Foot in the Shower?
    No, I have had it fall, just not on my foot.Ever had a Shampoo/ Conditioner Bottle Fall on Your Foot in the Shower?
    No, everyone does that. Who doesn't? You should get like a storage thingy to put in your shower. They are sometimes called shower caddy's. You can find them almost anywhere. Even at Wal-Mart. Or if you want a high-profile one, you can find one on the internet somewhere or at a store like Bed, Bath, And Beyond.
    my shampoo always falls on my foot no matter what.
    dam that sucks hopefully u can come up with solutions to prevent that from happening again
    yes. both fell on my foot/toes. and i can't scream since my parents are there and they'll rush in and see what's wrong and get worried. so i have to hold my screaming in.
    Yes I have and it hurts.
    the question is who hasn't?
    YEA and it hurts too!
    no, it happens to everyone
    I have it happen quite a few times,and they hurt when they are full!
    nope, it happened to mt tons of times, one time a full bottle fell on my big toe, and a few weeks later the nail fell off.
    Omg it has happened to me a lot, But man did It hurt